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Do Labradoodles Shed?

Australian Labradoodles are a renowned purebred type of dog from Australia. They are a hybrid of Labrador, Poodle and various other breeds. The breed is known for its friendly nature and for not shedding.

Labradoodles and shedding

Labradoodles, like most poodles, do not shed hair. People who suffer from animal dander allergies often find that they can own a Labradoodle without any issues. Occasionally, a breeder finds that one dog in a litter does shed a little bit. Even these dogs shed less than other breeds and are usually okay for those with allergies to own.

Getting new coats of hair

Most dogs shed so that they can grow a fresh coat of hair. Puppies shed their puppy coat to make way for their adult coat. This does not happen with Australian Labradoodles, which is one reason why owners must brush them often. Brushing the coat, especially the undercoat, helps pull off dead hair to make room for fresh hair to grow. Matting of the fur may occur if brushing is not performed often enough. If the matting is exceptionally bad, the knots may need to get cut out, or the dog may need shaving.

The type of Labradoodle matters

The original Australian Labradoodle was created as a non-shedding dog and most of these canines do not shed at all. American Labradoodles do not have all of the traits of the Australian breed, and these dogs do tend to shed slightly more. A person with dog allergies needs a purebred Australian Labradoodle to ensure a lower shedding risk.

The Labradoodle is an increasingly popular breed of canine, thanks in part to its ability to not shed. Many people with allergies can own these dogs without having any health issues. The breed must have regular brushing to ensure that the fur does not mat and the dog maintains a healthy coat.