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Australian Labradoodle Grooming

An Australian Labradoodle is a hybrid dog created by mixing Labrador and Poodle breeds. The Australians have not only mixed the two breeds, but also done further genetic development to take the best traits from the two breeds and remove the worst traits. They have also incorporated other breeds of dogs into the mixture to make a new type of purebred canine. These dogs typically have either a curly or short coat, both of which need regular grooming.

Professionally groom every few weeks

Most Australian Labradoodles need professional grooming every month. This is especially important if the dog has longer hair. Their fur can easily mat and tangle, which causes knots that are difficult to comb out without cutting the hair. Regular grooming also ensures that the fur stays clean and does not build up dirt and dust. The groomer should also express the canine's anal glands to ensure that they are not blocked. Make sure the groomer thoroughly cleans the ears and eyes of the dog, as well as cuts its nails down.

Grooming at home

Australian Labradoodles are bred to not shed hair, which means that their fur has a tendency to mat. These dogs need a thorough brushing daily to help remove the dead undercoat. The daily brushing helps the dogs lose their old hair and grow fresh layers. Owners of short coat dogs can just brush the top layer of fur, but those with curly coat dogs need to brush layer by layer to get the hair smooth. A bath is also necessary on a regular basis to keep the dog clean; most breeders recommend once a week.

Australian Labradoodles are a purebred dog that was initially bred in Australia. These dogs do not shed and are quite friendly. Regular grooming helps ensure that the animals always look their best.